Job title: RGN
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Nursing
Salary type: Annual
Salary: GBP £34,632.00
Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Job published: 19/08/2020
Job ID: 32073
Contact name: Matthew Goalen
Contact email:

Job Description


To achieve the highest possible standard of care in a professional manner through direct nursing care and effective supervision of staff members. To take management of responsibility for a shift as directed.


Principle Accountabilities:


•              Ensure that all staff members contribute to the best of their ability, to the efficient running of the care centre and the creation of an atmosphere conductive to the best interests of the service users. Duties may include covering for the Deputy Home Manager and/or the Home Manager in their absence.

•              Report any ill health amongst service users and make requests for GP/professional visits where necessary.

•              Ensure that service users’ care plans are completed and maintained in conjunction with service users, relatives and other health care professionals and in accordance with NMC guidelines and Company policy.

•              Assesses all aspects of service user’s care needs and provide health supervision and direct nursing care when required.

•              Assess social health care needs of new service users and maintain on-going assessment and review of all other Service Users.

•              Maintain accurate records and ensure that each service user within the care centre has an individualised care plan. Service user care plans to be reviewed on a bi-annual basis or more frequently as and when required in accordance with NMC guidelines and Company policy.

•              Carry out regular checks on service users at intervals determined by the Home Manager. Ensure a clear and concise handover report is given to all relevant staff members at the end of each shift.

•              Administer prescribed medicines and document in accordance with the Company’s procedures and NMC guidelines.

•              Practise maximum integrity in all dealings with service users’ personal and financial affairs and avoid abuse of the privileged relationship which exists with service users.


  1. Communication


•                      Participate in Staff and service user meetings as and when required.

•                      Establish and maintain good communication with service users, relatives and with the multidisciplinary team.

•                      Provide administrative support when required.




  1. Budgetary/Financial Control


•                      Ensure that all commodities used in and around the care centre are sensibly conserved by all staff members, e.g. monitor usage of incontinence aids, wipes, dressings, electricity etc.


  1. Marketing


•                      Actively market the care centre and promote a positive personal/professional profile within the local community.

Ensure the good reputation of the care centre at all times.

•                      Ensure the care centre is attractively presented and odour free at all times, in line with the Company’s attention to detail philosophy.

•                      Ensure a viewing room is suitably presented and available at all times (unless the care centre is fully occupied).


  1. Training


•                      Supervise and instruct junior and new staff members in all aspects of their work in the care centre, giving help and guidance where appropriate.

•                      Maintain and improve professional knowledge and competence. Keep professionally updated in all areas of clinical expertise.

•                      Attend mandatory training days/courses, on or off site as and when required.


  1. Health & Safety


•                      Report immediately to the Home Manager or person in charge any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a service user, colleague, self or another.

•                      Understand and ensure the implementation of the care centre’s Health & Safety policy and emergency and fire procedures.

•                      Report to the Home Manager or the Handyperson any faulty appliances, damaged furniture, equipment or any potential hazard.

•                      Promote safe working practices within the care centre.


  1. General


•                      Adhere to all appropriate NMC guidelines/regulations.

•                      Maintain all log books and records as required by both the Registering Authority and the Directors of the Company.

•                      Ensure that all information of a confidential nature gained in the course of duty is not divulged to third parties.

•                      Assist in the arrangements for fundraising.

•                      Notify the Home Manager of the person in charge as soon as possible of your inability to report for duty and also on your return to work after periods of absence.

•                      Ensure the security of the care centre is maintained at all times.

•                      Adhere to Company policies and procedures within the defined timescales.

•                      Ensure all equipment is clean and well maintained.

•                      Carry out any other tasks that may be reasonably assigned to you.